About Us

Fernanda Batista in her studio at Artspace

Nazz Ares is an independent design studio located in Raleigh, NC. delivering high quality fashion products with a vibrant color palette and functionality par excellence.

Creative Director Fernanda Batista is the visionary and artist behind Nazz Ares's process. From watching her aunt handcraft beautiful items on a classic Singer sewing machine, to a fashion scholarship at the renown PUC University, Brazil, she brings her unique talent from swimwear & beachwear design to bags of all sorts. All the way from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Raleigh NC, USA - and you ! 

At Nazz Ares, all items are strictly handcrafted. We carefully and personally source all materials used in the manufacturing process to ensure our products meet the extraordinary standards we believe our clients deserve.

Our handbag designs are our first foray in the attempt to bring our design consciousness to the consumer.

Each bag is conceptualized, developed and carefully handmade from start to finish with meticulous attention to detail in our studio. There is passion and care in each step of the process.

Because of the prints we use, no two items are alike. Each one will have their own distinctive pattern and character, making your purchase as unique and individualistic as we believe each human is.